Sunday, May 16, 2010

utah photographer | the haws family

celeste haws, an old friend and basketball mate of mine, contacted me about doing a family picture for her whole family. they live in maine now and were going to be in town so they were rounding everyone up for the occasion.
17 kids total!
and when you hear that number as a photographer you have to accept that at least one of those 17 kids will be crying . . .
and yes, it happened.
however, the sadness turned upside down right quick and the kids were all SUPER easy to take pictures of. as a matter of fact i was just dying over some of their head shots because they are so cute.
this group was so large and i shot so many different pictures i decided to just post 18, and 18 is a ton, but i feel like its just giving you a glimpse into this fantastic shoot.
either way,

great grandma, the women who started it all!