Wednesday, June 30, 2010

idaho photographer | the andrew family (in windy idaho)

ah the lovely andrew family
they lives in God's country
you might wonder why i call it God's country . . .
well, i heard someone else call it that a LONG time ago
he was a very tall man with a loud voice and personality
the thing is though, when i was a river guid up there (a LONG time ago)
i learned to believe his words
and i love idaho
its beautiful
and hey, i married an idaho boy
however, WIND is not beautiful in pictures, but we worked with it.
so heres to the little mini shoot to the andrew family (my sister in-law)

and this last picture . . .
well it makes me feel safe
because he is my brother in-law and this pictures says:
don't mess with me.
which means don't mess with my family either :)
hence . . . i feel safe hes got my back
mark, i love the look for real!