Sunday, July 4, 2010


some of you might know erin
she is my sister . . . and, well, much more then that
i think that erin is one of the most beautiful people in the whole wide world
inside and out

she is my best friend
my confidant
my support
my go to girl
she has strength like no one i know
she has a heart of gold
patience and hope
the most beautiful mother to her children
she spreads love where it is needed
and sprinkles happiness wherever she goes
she fights to stay in
cries when its hard
ALWAYS goes the extra mile
and is an example for all

i love you
you really are my rock
my best friend
thank you for always being there for me
thank you for always listening
thank you for trusting in me
and know
i am
here for you.
you deserve the bestest

be strong, carry on.
lindsey shaun