Wednesday, July 14, 2010


our cabin "Liberty"
i just remember grandma and grandpa referring to it as that

blogging this has brought back a lot of memories and emotions.
a lot of my memories as a little girl included my grandpa up at the cabin.
he is the one who planted the peonies and the poppies. left a little trace of himself for all of us to enjoy, always.

grandpa, i love you.
there are moments when your memory creeps inside of me and i miss you.
the cabin is a place where i remember you. a place of peace.
thank you for letting us have and enjoy such a little place.

i grew up spending getaways with my family at our beloved cabin in Liberty, UT
i can't really explain it, but its INCREDIBLE up there.
the air. the town. the dirt road. the fire pit. the smell.
every time i go up there now, i wonder if i have gone crazy . . .
why? because i should go more often!
i really do love love it there. every last inch of the old dusty place.
Liberty . . . i love.

i decided that i need to take more pictures of the bedrooms next time i am up
there are so many incredible details there
so many things
the cabin is filled with a combination of the owners before us and my grandparents stuff
nothing has ever changed since i have been going there
i need to get pictures of ALL of it.