Saturday, July 24, 2010

life in THe FAsT LAnE

this week has been crazy!
i shot cathys INCREDIBLE wedding on Saturday
and portrait sessions . . . sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday

i feel very blessed right now
with my family
my business
my home
my cash b

sometimes you just like to sit back and soak it all in
thats what i have been doing this week and . . . its funny
i haven't had any anxiety at all about not posting here

but i will apologize to you faithful blog hoppers and stalkers

enough sitting back and soaking in

coming up:
keisha and bj {happily married}
machin family
mickelson family
petersons family and newborn
jemmas first birthday
mitch and myself . . . ooo la la
mortenson family
leannas "after the wedding" groomals
and finally
matt and jenny {happily married}

don't you love it when your plates LOADED!