Sunday, August 15, 2010

my time

i am a little disappointed in myself lately.
i keep trying to catch up and start posting everyday again, like i normally do . . .
i keep making promises that i am going to start
and here i am
still not posting everyday
i have 9 shoots i am working on right now

now really,
i am not complaining because i love all the work
i just hate that i have neglected my blog
neglected my blog stalkers . . . (i know who you are and i love you all!)

so instead of getting on myself
i am going to forget about it and
share some inspiration that i got from pottery barn

isn't it fantastic!
maybe you don't think so but i do
and i am formulating my newly painted blue wall after it with frames

i also just want to throw it out into the universe . . .

dear secret,
i need to use you more in my life
there are so many mountains to climb,
so please help bring the first one to me.

and lastly,
i love jeremy and cash b.

life is good.

until next.