Friday, September 24, 2010

my mazzy moo moo

mazzy moo moo

i am seriously so torn about the decision i have made to get rid of mazzy. i have been crying ALL day today (and i know i would be even if i wasn't pregnant). she is the most incredible dog EVER! the thing is, she has a lot of energy and ever since i had cash i haven't been able to give her as much exercise as she needs. she is still happy, but deserves so much more. now with baby #2 on the way and seeing how she responds when she isn't getting exercise . . . it was time to try and find her a new home.
and i did.
it was easy, actually.
i basically interviewed people that were calling on her to pick THE BEST but, then decided not to get rid of her, and THEN i got the call from heidi. the cutest mother ever in wyoming. she lives on 5 acres has a 7 and 10 year old, is a jogger and animal lover. her husband hunts birds . . . its the dream situation. and after talking with her numerous time over the week and emailing one another, I KNOW THAT THEY WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE MAZZY A BETTER HOME THEN I CAN. but you know what, it doesn't make it any easier. she is my little shadow. so obedient. so beautiful. so fun. determined. focused. she has been on adventures with me. put a smile on my face . . .
mazzy i love you. i know some people might think i am ridiculous, but i do. i want you to be happy and be able run like you need to and hunt! you are beautiful. you are incredible. please remember that i love you and want whats best for you . i hope you never forget me. you will be missed forever.