Tuesday, October 26, 2010

anniversary getaway

yes it is true.
i own a pocket sized point and shoot
and boy was it handy to have on our little getaway

it was my turn to plan our anniversary this year
so i surprised jeremy with a dinner at ruths diner (which is to die for)
and an overnighter at snowbird

thanks katie fore being the best and taking cash overnight for us!

deep fried mac n cheese? . . . it was actually good

jeremy ordered the special
new york strip with blue cheese and mushrooms
and can i just say how INSANELY good their mashed potatoes and gravy were!!!!

pork tenderloin with artichoke and capers was my choice
and it was SO yummy

5 years and i am even more in love with this guy.

the one and only shot i took from our balcony at snowbird