Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i was laying in bed already once tonight, but tears just kept streaming down my face so i decided to come to the ol blog. i guess this little thing can be of comfort to me sometimes. . .
my mom, through conversation on the phone today, told me that my grandpa has cancer. now it isn't the end of the world but its like i told jeremy, thats some hard news to swallow especially because you don't know what you are in for. i have also been through this with my other grandpa, my mom twice, and my dad once so . . . (seriously cancer?)

so i have been thinking of my grandpa today.
i remember as a little girl, grandpa saying he needed to go out and feed the horses. i was always excited to run out there with him and watch him scoop up the hay and toss it into the horses. on that walk out to the barn and back he always seemed to stand tall to me.
grandpa is the most patient, loving and calm person that i know. and will probably ever know.

now some people have said to me that it is just luck that i married jeremy. however credit is going to be given where credit is deserved!
while dating and around the age of 21 i realized what type of person i wanted to marry. i know you are told all your life what type, but until you have dated and been hurt . . . well it just takes experience to realize what you really need for you. and i realized that i needed someone like my grandpa . . .
and i did.
so credit is given, this day. to my grandpa.
through your example you helped me find jeremy and marry him!
so thank you grandpa for being that example in my life that i needed.
thank you for teaching me even though you didn't know i was looking.
thank you for showing me what i wanted in a husband.
i love you so much and am here with you to fight this battle!