Friday, April 15, 2011

the 5

so here are 5 amazing photographers, all of which who have joined a group i run called "guided."
i recently asked all the women in the group if there was anyone who would want to come into my home and take some lifestyle shots of us with our new little Judah. i was initially thinking of one person doing it, but all 5 of these ladies responded with interest and wanting to be a part of it/tag a long so instead, i let ALL of them come in and shoot at the same time.
i a) am so excited to see everyones images and their different perspectives and stories they are trying to tell of our family (especially shooting with 4 other photographers at the same time!) and b) so grateful that they were all willing to come and shoot. i hope that it was beneficial for each of them to get some real life experience with lifestyle shooting!

in order left to right and top to bottom

amber: would kill to have her hair
lindsey: amazing brown eyes that you can get lost in
lex: whose eyes sparkle when smiling
nicole: contagious smile and soothing voice (i know that sounds creepy)
janica: wish i had a few of her inches and LOVE that she shoots film for herself and she is my next model!

thanks again ladies for giving some of your time and i hope it was worth it for you!