Tuesday, May 31, 2011

cash b

i can't believe how behind and awful i am at posting personal pictures. right now i have 7 folders waiting for editing . . . i just gave up on the idea of posting our christmas pictures. :)
its a blessing though to be so busy.

here are some shots i took of cash the week before judah was born. my smiley happy little man. he has been so cute with judah. mainly because he come over and points at him and says ju with a high pitched voice then leans over and kisses his head. i have a feeling these two are going to be super good pals!

cash b, you are my little slice of heaven. you are so silly right now. . . jabbering as if everyone can understand your long confusing jumbles of noises. mimicking faces that others are making. laughing when everyone else is laughing. climbing up on EVERYTHING! fearlessly jumping into the pool.

oh how i love you.