Tuesday, May 10, 2011

utah photographer | birthstory {judah grant}

judah grant christensen arrived 6 weeks ago on a warm sunny day.
a few days before my scheduled induction i kept getting swells of anxiety. tears and worries would come. i just kept telling jeremy . . . cash wasn't ready to come and he was 9 days early, do you really think this guy is going to be ready 4 days early! not to mention all the problems we had with cashs delivery and the almost emergency c-section. i just didn't want anything to go wrong.
when we arrived at the hospital it was routine. change your clothes, get comfy and jeremy follow me this way so i can show you where the water and ice is. once they walked out of the room, tears filled my eyes.
i was scared.
jeremy came back in the room and reassured me that everything was going to be okay, and i knew it would be with him next to me!
they started me on pitocin right away and the next thin you know my favorite dr bean walks in the door. he was ready to break my water and so he did. they changed towels and as dr bean is walking out of the room i get a contraction . . . i looked over at the nurse and let her know we were going to need to change towels again. (and can i just say how weird/good the sensation is when your water is broken, its like it helps the anticipation subside) anyways time rolls on and i decide its time to get the ol epidural . . .
i lean up on the bed, hunch over my pillow, and BAM another contraction hits and i start to fill more of my water dripping down my legs. then more and more and then i say jeremy move and water was gushing on the floor. dripping all over the ground. and yes, i even got it on the nurse there was so much. it was so embarrassing but at the same time your entire sense of decency is out the window when your in labor.
well time rolled on and i dilated from a 7 to a 10 SUPER fast. we are talking 30 minutes. the nurse came in and said your ready to go. dr bean showed up and it was SUCCESS!
three contractions and judah was here. no complications. no worries. just a healthy little man.

the funny thing is that i honestly think he would have been here in one contraction but . . .
earlier i had felt like i needed to throw up (i got that way with cash with my epidural too) but i didn't want to. i kept holding it in. well when pushing time came, that was all i was thinking about through the first contraction. then between contractions i was just breathing and thinking i am going to barf. i am going to barf. then the next contraction came and i was almost hold judah in because i was trying so hard not to barf. the second that contraction was over i frantically said i am going to barf!!! i snatched the barf bag jeremy had in had, ralfed and was ready to go. third contraction, BAM, he was here.

so like i said i think it could have been possible to have him here in one contraction but i will take a 7 hour delivery with three pushes over cashes 18 hr, 2 hrs pushing!

judah you are beautiful and i am so blessed to have you in my life!