Wednesday, August 17, 2011


this summer has been so crazy busy. my busiest to date! (yay) and so i have to stop and take a moment to express my gratitude for the many blessing i receive every day in life and business. each step i take forward i feel like something is pushing and supporting me from behind. i know that this isn't just my husband, family, and friends. i also know that there is someone up above watching down and following the things i do. thank you to EVERYONE for the support and love.

some exciting news: i was featured on a blog in the UK, have had multiple features in UBB, and the most exciting. . . i was approached by a magazine who asked if they could feature one of my weddings from june in their 2012 magazine! AH, WHAT!! the best part about this is about 5 or 6 years ago i decided one of my goals was to get published and it is so awesome to see that i am progressing and reaching those goals! oh the blessings.

i have barley blogged anything personal this summer bc i have been going none stop. so i will be doing some catch up in between my business posts the next few weeks.

and now for judah g. he is my little chunky monk. this little baby of mine has the thickest little legs that i just love grabbing! right now at 4.5 months old he is smiling, giggling, talking, yelling, trying SO SO hard to sit up all by himself, reaching out and grabbing things, pulling them in towards his mouth, and my most favorite . . . he sleeps not only through the entire night but in the same room as cash b! (NOT IN MY ROOM ANYMORE) he first smiled at me on may 4th which was the best birthday present EVER!

so my favorite blog stalkers out there. be prepared to get a serious dose of personal life behind the lens of lindsey shaun along with some amazing shoots i have been working on lately!