Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cash burkely

dear cash b. you seriously drove me to my wits end today. there were numerous times today when i would be getting after you and i would think to myself . . . i am the worst parent ever! all of your growth and mischief is very exhausting. your climbing, poking, prodding, breaking . . .but i know its part of growing and learning so; i promise i will keep working on being patient with you. i promise i will give you more of my time. i promise lots of late nights with forts and flashlights. i promise summer time hoses and dog kisses. i promise no bake cookie days. i promise that i will never just kiss you once. and i promise always, that even when i am getting after you, you will be mine. you are mine and i love every little inch of you.
please put up with me for as long as you can!

lots of love little one!