Friday, November 4, 2011


okay i cant tell you how excited i am to introduce
thanks and credit to stacey sargant

i was blog hopping a while back and went to staceys blog and saw that she did Flashback Friday and was so jealous, so what did i do? . . . i asked her if I could copy her. i know, not original. but i don't care. i love it that much! and she was kind enough to tell me to go for it!
duh! what else am i ever going to do with all the MILLIONS of pictures i have from way back?

so to kick start is this amazing little project/tradition. . . is a shot of the novas + 3.
yes yes, kind of crazy that i am friends with the original novas still. but they are the best.

thank you friends, for being awesome. for being you. for being my friends!
i love you!

(haha we are so ridiculous in this!)