Saturday, March 10, 2012

a powerful shot

when asked what my favorite picture is and digging through piles and piles of pictures i was stumped. i have been so blessed to shoot so many amazing people and i really do love so many of my pictures . . . i cant just say that there is ONE ALL TIME FAVORITE. however . . . after looking through photo shoot after photo shoot i continued to be drawn to this shoot and i didnt understand why . . .

i decided to sleep on it and decide in the morning if this single shot would claim great importance to me over my career of shooting. when i woke up, yet again this picture drew me in. actually so many from this shoot. i was feeling a little embarrassed that i was being drawn to a shot at a funeral and then it dawned on me. . . over the last 6 years of shooting this picture i took carries some of THE MOST POWERFUL FEELINGS/EMOTIONS that i have ever shot in my life, period.
when i look at this image i am taken right back to this day when a 4 year little boy and his grandmother cling the casket of their father/son. because i a am a mother this effected me a million times over. i know its not a "happy" picture. but it is one that forever speaks to me.

the reason i am sharing this is because inspiration comes to all of us in different ways and i am a little hopeful lady that hopes i might find some through brookes workshop that she is putting on!
check out her info and blog HERE

and all of you better cross your finger for me
(probably wont happen because i never win anything, but hey we'll try)