Sunday, June 17, 2012

scott rasmussen

meet my dad, scott

now scott doesn't ever read my blog, even if someone told him to read this he probably wouldn't.  so you might wonder why i am posting this. . . i want to remember for myself, the feelings that i have for him this day.

i have been through a lot with the ol guy and when i look at pictures of him today i have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for knowing him.  for having him as my dad.

if i had to use 5 words to describe my dad . . .   social.  dependable.  loving.  feisty.  hard working.

he has been stellar, ALWAYS and FOREVER, at being there for any of us kids whenever something went down.  he may have not been happy about it all the time, but he was there.  and not only that he was there the SECOND he could be.  would drop everything

you make me proud dad.

you are battling cancer right now and looking good while doing it
but beyond that you amaze me at how strong you push through a fight.  i know you are tired.  i know you are not feeling good.  you are not totally yourself, but regardless you press on . . . working.  providing. celebrating.  and continually being there.  for all of us.

i love you so much
and to top if all off  YOU.  YOU sent this to me today and made MY day.
i should be making your day . . . .

dad i would do anything for you
thank you for being a good example to me
for teaching me about forgiveness
for teaching me that people can change
for teaching me what dedication is
for teaching me how to work hard
for teaching me love and patience.

i hope you had a wonderful day today.
i love you