Friday, August 24, 2012

fergus + katie {married} | utah photographer

i am blessed to do the work that i do, no doubt.  i so much enjoy interacting with clients/people and seeing friendships form.  its my favorite.

there is one thing, that is my very most most favorite though . . .
that is: when i shoot a wedding and it changes my life.  
fergus and katie dont even know that they changed my life.  haha, how funny is that.

all they needed to do was get married and rock their style and they did just that.

now let me tell you why they have changed my life.  they changed my life in two ways.  1) the weepies.  need i say more.  2) i will forever want to redo my weeding... or make sure that all my clients do what they did.  they embraced themselves and who they were and let that shine through in their wedding.  it was so much fun.  so relaxed.  so AMAZICAL!  

i know we get stuck in an idea of what a wedding should be or the "rules" or "proper wedding edict" but i dont believe in that.  throw it out the window.  think about who you are, what you enjoy, what are your favorites, and then run with it.  run so far with it that there is nothing but wind trailing after you!
let your wedding speak who you are.
be you.